Your guide to selfie sticks

It became so much easier to take pictures of self and friends with the introduction of a frontal camera, and selfies quickly became a special genre of mobile photography. Moreover, taking selfies has become even easier with the appearance of selfie sticks. In this article, we will tell you more about these tools.

What is a selfie stick?

A selfie stick is basically a monopod that can be mounted to a smartphone at a certain angle and distance from your face. It generally connects to a phone via Bluetooth or a special wire that allows you to press the button to actually take a picture.

What are the benefits?

There are lots of benefits of using a selfie stick, the main one is that your selfies come out much better.

  • Choice of angles. Thanks to the stick, you can now regulate angles better than just using your arm.
  • Distance regulation. Just as with angles, you can choose the distance from which you would like to take your selfie. Without a selfie stick, your face will be too close to the camera, and it may distort you real looks.
  • More to fit in the pic. Thanks to the bigger distance, you can now capture much more in the pic: it can be a beautiful background or simply a big group of friends.
  • More creativity. With these features you can work on your selfies and make them much more creative: play with angles, with backgrounds, etc.

How to use

It’s very easy to use a selfie stick. You just need to mount your phone on it and connect it via Bluetooth or wire, then choose an angle and background for your photo – and now you’re ready to press the button!

If you’re interested in improving your selfies, take a look at these selfie sticks.

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